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Dear Friend,

Allow me to call you "friend" even though we do not know each other. I think, however, that your interest in the Church of Anatolia is enough for you to be considered friend. With some sacrifice but with a strong desire, I have opened this website of the Church of Anatolia. The reasons which urged me to open this site are several and varied:

  • to offer those who are searching to whoever is searching, the possibility of meeting Jesus, our one and only savior;
  • to make ourselves known as a Christian community;
  • to regenerate (or reclaim) our Christian roots in this land which has been the Holy Land of the Church;
  • to keep our present situation up to date, offering first hand news in updated time;
  • to present the social projects on which we are working for the benefit of the poorest areas of the Vicariate;
  • to be instruments of communication and of dialogue for those who would like to contact us;

It is true that cyberspace cannot substitute personal relationships, but internet can get to places that would otherwise be impossible to reach.
In the evangelical prospective, we intend that this website be a service which we would like to offer to whoever is seeking to know more about the live reality of the Church of Anatolia, its past and what we would like to realize in the future.
I greet you with much affection and with the wish that the Lord be with you each day and bless you.

+ P. Luigi



Our Bishop

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Katolik Kilisesi
Yenisehir Mah. Mithat
Paşa Cad. No. 5 - PK 75
31201 Iskenderun, Turkey

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